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Category: Everything Else

Strange Holiday Pronouncements

Or: Why did it take her so long to realize that? “Son, you’re weird.” That was this year’s pre-Thanksgiving proclamation from my grandmother. (Also known as the only member of my family I can stand to be around for more than five minutes in a stretch.)Â Each year, she makes some pronouncement about something relatively…
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Sudden-onset Nasal Implosion

I really think the above should be a diagnosis. Can’t you just see Angie Harmon looking at the cold corps of a murder victim with no face and then looking up when the woman that looks like Oprah says, “It wasn’t blunt-force trauma to the face. Sudden-onset Nasal Implosion.” So the other night, I went…
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The Anti-Starbucks Effect.

When I lived in Austin, Texas, I had my first exposure to Starbucks. And I must say, I was an elitist. If I couldn’t get my cup of coffee from some kid with a nose ring, I wasn’t drinking coffee. I was the epitome of the “anti-Starbucks” movement. To understand how difficult this is, you…
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