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Month: December 2004

An American Christmas Carol.

Christmas has always been a very odd time for me and–by extension–my family. Since we hold no particular religious attachment to the holiday, I’ve always marveled at the way Christians choose to celebrate the birth of their savior. (I can’t fathom, for instance, Objectivists erecting trees and buying gifts, even for themselves, on Ayn Rand’s…
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The Game of Life as a metaphor for living.

Since Colleen was off work tonight, we decided to give the kids their presents tonight. Tomorrow evening, after she gets off work, they’ll do presents again with the extended family on her side, and then the next day with their dad and his family. I always marvelled at Christmas when I was a kid. A…
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Jesus and the art of magazine editing.

If you had told me what I was facing in helming a magazine, I would have laughed, not believed you. After all, my impression of magazine editing is–sorry–was based solely on the portrayals of Ben Fong-Torres in “Almost Famous” and the guy from TNR played by Hank Azaria in “Shattered Glass”. But let me tell…
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