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Month: October 2005

The Dance.

The lightbulb. That’s what is different. Maybe it is a higher wattage or has a short. For whatever reason, that pool of light is just a little bit brighter, a little bit more golden than the spaces around it. I wonder if she knows what she represents, sitting in that pool of light? Did she…
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The Life Telephonic, Or…Why Call Centers are the New Waiting Tables for the artistic crowd.

Each morning, I awake at the buttcrack of dawn, get into my car while it is still dark, and drive ten miles to a large cinderblock building, where I enter through an unmarked door and proceed past high-technology to a small workstation in the back of the building, tucked away behind high, beige sound-dampening cubicle…
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A New Book for a new cycle.

Not sure why, but this is the time of year when my projects seem to take flight. With Bohemian Row (now known as “Anything But Ordinary”) in the final revision stages, I’ve turned my sights to a new story. Something about the concept of intimacy fascinates me. People have a desire to be intimate —…
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