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Month: September 2004

It’s still too easy.

I thought maybe sleeping would afford me the opportunity to wake up from this nightmare that is the world around me. But it hasn’t. C’est la vie. So now we’ll talk about Grammar for a minute. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t expect every person to speak flawless English. I certainly don’t. Nor do I…
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I try so hard and they make it so easy.

I really try not to be elitist, but they make it so easy. Whom are they, you ask? They are everyone who, in the third grade, decided that they had learned everything they needed to know about life, the universe and everything, and having now opted to continue their educations, show the world everything they…
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The last days of the Roman Empire.

It is impossible for me to overstate how disappointed I am with my country, my government, and my fellow citizens. We stand at the precipice of a great and terrific future (terrific in the ACTUAL DEFINITION, not as in great), a future shrouded in mystery and wonder. Where are we going? What does it hold?…
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