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Month: January 2011

The “N-Word”

Or: Why Samuel Clemens would pimp slap Alan Gribben. Note: This blog post will use language that some (read: Alan Gribben) might find offensivem, including frequent reference to and usage of, racial slurs. If you are offended by my use of these words in this post, please click here … and never ever come back.…
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Life Blocks

Everyone I know has been talking about Bucket Lists since the movie of the same name came out in 2007.  As if the concept of a ist of goals was new, everyone seemed to be obsessed with their own “bucket lists.” But I’ve had one for as long as I can remember, if by another name.  Bob Alexander…
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Happy New Year — and a hearty welcome to 2011.

Note: Way back in its heyday, this blog got about 400,000 independent readers and 250,000 page views a month. My resolution for this year is to write more, write often and to exceed those numbers. Wish me luck! -md January 1, 2011 I woke up this morning with a hacking cough. I guess I earned…
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