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Month: November 2007

Strange Holiday Pronouncements

Or: Why did it take her so long to realize that? “Son, you’re weird.” That was this year’s pre-Thanksgiving proclamation from my grandmother. (Also known as the only member of my family I can stand to be around for more than five minutes in a stretch.)Â Each year, she makes some pronouncement about something relatively…
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Alchemy and The Elements

I’ve been blessed in my life to grow up amid a diverse group of friends and family. Spending ten years off and on in school also gave me the opportunity to become exposed to an equally-diverse number of cultures and religious beliefs. Alchemy is one of them. Let me state emphatically one thing: I am…
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Politics sans spines.

Or: Where the fuck are the balls in politics? What happened to politicians? Seriously. When Bill Clinton was running for president, he didn’t whine about all the women he had boned coming out and talking about his bad manners. No, he took it like a man! I’m sorry, I cannot vote for a single person…
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