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Month: June 2008

What to do on a sunday in Louisiana.

“I really need to get a life because I enjoy this shit too much.” I blink at Toni’s blunt pronouncement, made just loudly enough for the people at the other end of the plastic picnic table to glance our way, a perplexed look of surprise written on their faces. Immediately, I recognized the look as…
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A Wake For My Youth.

I officially became old today. And it’s not my birthday. Last night, at Karaoke with Judy, she noticed I kept moving my glasses farther and farther down my nose in order to read the small print in the songbook. Finally, she handed me her glasses and, voíla. I could see the text perfectly. So today,…
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Other People’s Drama

Once, while working as a marketing director for a non-profit, I decided I would one day write a one-hour T.V. program called “Other People’s Drama.” It would focus on the lives of a group of people who work in a volunteer organization and the way the drama of daily life can infect everything a group…
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