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So here I am, starting a blog. Why on earth do I need, want or otherwise think that a blog would be something worthwhile? Who knows. If you’re one of those people who have to have a reason for things, call it an exercise in self-therapy.

I’m sitting in the middle of Chapter 18 on Bohemian Row, almost done with it actually. I’m glad I found my stride on it again, to be honest. It had been stagnating in the back of my mind and now things are moving again. Maybe it’s the added ‘pressure’ of three kids, two cats, and a French class in a pear tree. Or maybe it’s just that I don’t have fifty English papers hanging over my head right now. Whatever the reason, it’s moving along.

Speaking of French class, if you’ve not read anything by David Sedaris, pick up a copy of “Me Talk Pretty One Day”, in which he give a hilarious treatment to going to introductory French. I’m laughing hard at it, even though this is my second time to read it.

I got a new “gig”– reviewing books for a new online magazine and forum called The Atlasphere, (, Launch Date: 31 Aug 03). The publishers hope to attract fans of the novels of Ayn Rand, but not exclusively Objectivists. My first submissions will be a review of the Illustrated “Seabiscuit”, by Laura Hillenbrand and an interview with the scupltor Martin Eichinger ( I am very much looking forward to it.