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Blogs Damned Blogs and Observations

Blogs Damned Blogs and Observations

I never wanted my blog to be the “typical blog”. You know the type: “Hi, my day was. John said X. Mary said Y. C-Ya! :~)” Yeah. That’s not this blog. Then again, I also didn’t want it to be one of these blogs: “Life is pain. Pain is life. Embrace my agony as your own.” So when I started this thing, I decided to take it in a new direction. My blog is about me. But more importantly, it’s about how I react to the realities of life around me. With that said, I have to say I’ve found the mother of all blogs. For those of you who are familiar with it, please forgive. For those who aren’t, strap into your seats kids, it’s one hell of a ride. The blog of “BelleDeJour”, a London working girl. That’s right. There is a woman in England who is keeping a blog about her daily life as a prostitute. Go back to the link and get the “No Way!” out of your system, wank one off, then come back and continue reading. Go ahead. You have my permission….

…Now that you’re back, a.) you missed a spot. But more importantly is b.) Do we really need this? At first, after reading (and re-reading) a couple of the posts, I have to say yes. This is a crucial service this girl is providing to the reader of the cyber-space blog. I’m really not kidding here. Think about it.

She’s giving us a glimpse inside the head of someone who works in what is traditionally viewed as the bottom of the bottom of the scumpool. Society has conditioned us to believe that you only turn to selling yourself when you’ve hit rock bottom. And here’s this girl, woman, whatever, in London, writing her blog and making a living aside from it–she’s got a book deal–and yet she continues to work.

Process that one for a second.

That’s right. She’s making a living writing and continuing to hook. Now, the only reason you would continue to hook if you have a book deal (that is worth mid five figures, my sources tell me) is if you enjoy your job. Kind of like the guy who won the lottery. “What will you do now, Mr. Garbage Man?” “Eh. Well, I have to be up early in the morning, so probably go to bed.” “Why do you have to be up early in the morning, Mr. Garbage Man?” “Because we have to make the Main Street run tomorrow and it’s a doozy.”

I say more power to her! Go out there my darling, go out into the streets of London and do whatever it is you do. Do it well. And pepper us with salacious details later. God love you for it, too. It beats the hell out of the boring porn scene on the net.