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Boy that was about as fun…

Boy that was about as fun…

…as having a lobotomy. Who knew that configuring a wireless router would make me want to throw my computer into the bayou behind my house (or worse, throw ME into the bayou…sure it’s only three feet deep, but it’s fricken cold outside).

I’m not sure why it is I really *wanted* to get a wireless network going in my house. Maybe it was so I could sit on the back porch, watch the ducks in the water, and chat on the internet. Maybe I just want to be able to do what I’m doing right now: kick back in bed and play on the ‘net. Maybe it’s some sick, masochistic desire to keep myself up-to-date on technology. (Why, for heaven’s sake, why?)

It all really comes down to one thing: something to do. That’s what life is all about for the vast majority of humans. We spend our days, evenings, nights, and mornings filling the precious hours with pitter-patter and temporal brickabrack until we fall into bed at night. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve caught myself *inventing* things to do–just so I would have something to busy myself.

Example? Wireless networks.

That’s what it all comes back to, really, wireless networks. Oh sure, broadband’s a must-have these days. But where’s the fun in tethering myself to a desk–even if the tether is a 50′ long ethernet cable snaking through my house. It’s the point of freedom.

I feel free now that I’m not physically plugged into a black box on the desk. I mean, can you get anymore IBM than that? Oh well, I think I’ll wander off and surf or something equally mundane and pointless. I can’t go outside right now because I’m plugged into the wall socket. 🙂