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I have found heaven…

I have found heaven…

…and it’s at my new job. Formerly, I was employed as a waiter at an unnamed Mexican food restaurant that is a large chain, has stores in shopping malls and around movie theatres, and only offers quasi-edible food. Now, I’m working at a mediterranean food restaurant where the waiters *know* what they are doing, the owners are equitable to good service, and the food is out of this world. I’m just glad I popped in for dinner that night that I got the job.

That’s the way good things normally happen — accidentally. Like accidentally finding a dollar or a new software program that allows you to burn a Video CD in a third of the time as previous. Things like that are what make life good, I think. And it’s the drought of things like that that make it bad. When the simple little surprises (the good kind) dry up, then you’re just left with the crap of everyday.

Fortunately, life is unpredictable like that and we get to see those little surprises every day. Maybe it’s a Dr. Pepper when you ordered a Coke and the discovery that you really wanted a Dr. Pepper to begin with. Maybe it’s finding twenty bucks in your blue jeans pocket when you were down to the last five bucks. Whatever the situation you find it, there’s a bit of joy in them.

I’ve company coming. Talk to you tomorrow.