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I’m a hippy communist bleeding-heart pinko liberal and I have a mac to prove it.

I’m a hippy communist bleeding-heart pinko liberal and I have a mac to prove it.

Okay, so I’m in reality fairly conservative. I’m for small government, no social welfare programs (save Student Loans which are actually an investment in future tax base) and I’m against any form of government intrusion into my diet, my habits, or my bedroom.

With that said, I bought a Mac. I absolutely love it. The sound it makes when I press the power button calls out to my deepest soul and says “Go do Yoga.” The screen is beautiful, bright, and I can see it in broad daylight. iTunes is a phenominally intelligent product. EVERYTHING about this machine makes sense.

And did I mention it looks cool? It’s sleek and white and makes me want to hop a plane to Europe. I think I’ll do that one day…just go to the airport and get on a plane to London for the weekend. When I get back on Monday morning, I can say to my friends, when they ask what I did over the weekend, “I went to London for lunch.”

That’s the point I’ve come to in life, I think. I like to plan my jaunts into insanity well in advance. Make sure I have the financing in place and will be able to adequately recover. There was a time when my particular neuroses would manifest themselves without warning. A trip to a casino or worse: the Galleria. Coming home with a new ink pen or a new bracelet that I’d never wear again. Or deciding that I want to dress like Neo from the Matrix and buying a black coat on my lunch hour.

I’m all better now. These days, I build up the nervous energy in my system until I can no longer tolerate it. Then, I do something massively impulsive to expell the demons once again. And that’s how it goes. Demons expelled. Sanity returns.

One day, I’ll be rich and just live on a yacht. Until then, I’ll continue loosing it about once a quarter. See you on the other side of the deep end.