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On the Perfect Martini

On the Perfect Martini

Living in Louisiana, it’s hard to find a good Martini, much less a perfect one.

When I ask for a Martini in a restaurant, I’m inevitably asked by the server, “What kind? We have apple-tinis, chocolatinis, Grandma’sSinusitustini’s.” I’m a purist.

A quick visit over to Wikipedia will give any curious dipsomaniac a rundown on the often, if needlessly, complex history of the Martini.

It is the simplest of drinks. You take five measures of Gin, one measure of dry Vermouth, pour it over ice, stir, (if I hear ice rattling in a shaker, I’m sending it back), and then serve in a well chilled glass with an olive or a twist of lemon.

So I ask you this — how in the world can you screw up pouring Gin over ice?