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On the remarkable symmetry of everyday life.

On the remarkable symmetry of everyday life.

So Saturday, a friend of mine quit her job so she could hang out with me.

No, this is not the start of a joke. And no, it wasn’t planned. Instead, it truly was a spur of the moment thing to spend some time together in Shreveport, a few hours down the road.

Sure she only makes about a hundred and fifty dollars a week. Sure, she has a new job waiting. But I like to think she is quitting because she likes my winning smile and flashy personality. After all, just look at me. I’m gorgeous, right? 😉

En route to Shreveport, I learn Kitty, the friend, has never been to a horse race — which is one of my favorite things to do. I love going, watching the people, reading the racing forms, and picking horses. Then there’s the food at the track, the atmosphere. It’s all very exciting.

We both lost, but her horse finished remarkably well and it was a lot of fun watching how excited she got when the horses approached the line. I even made sure she stood at the post, leaning on the rail.

That afternoon, Kitty introduced me to something I never thought I would enjoy.

We went to the car races.

I was cautiously optimistic. I always enjoy new experiences, but questioned what I have in common with people who attend events out at our 1/8th mile (no, that’s not a typo) track. I was pleasantly surprised.

Instead of toothless rednecks and beerbellies, there were a lot of very excited, very enthusiastic people there. (And no, none of them were from redneck karaoke.)

It was the most unexpected and symmetrical of days. I hadn’t been to an auto race. Kitty hadn’t been to the horse races. Because someone was willing to drop everything and be just a bit impulsive, both she and I had amazing first experiences.

And isn’t that what life should be about?

How different would the world be if, at the drop of a hat and without warning we all just decided once a month to drop everything and go experience something new? I think that’s my challenge for the remainder of the year to all of you out there in the Blogosphere.

Every week, for the next five and a half months, experience one completely new thing. Maybe it’s going to see Shakespeare when you’ve never been to a play. Or perhaps you quit your job and take up remodeling your house when you’ve never touched a hammer. Or it could be just breaking down and trying escargot for the first time. Or maybe, it’s just taking a moment to stop and breathe.

Whatever your new experiences are, making this commitment isn’t easy. It takes bravery. It takes stamina. And it takes a willingness to make risky decisions that don’t always work out. It can be a rollercoaster.

But damn, it’s a fun ride.

See you on the other side.