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The Operational Definition of Insanity

The Operational Definition of Insanity

It is important, in this the new year, to lay out a series of precepts that the entire world across which I recreate myself should operate. Ironically enough, they all boil down to the following maxim: Doing the same thing expecting different results is, quite frankly, insane. (I think Einstein said this first.)

Where this stems from is the implementation of the Scientific Method. (You know, those five or six steps you had to memorize in Junior High school earth science?) Basically, if you do A and B happens, then do A, expecting C to happen, that’s okay. But when B happens again and you again do A, expecting C only to find B, that’s insane. Which brings us to today’s lesson, kids.

When you find yourself wandering through life, dejected and alone, wondering how to fix whatever problem it is you have, ask for advice. Pick the one piece of advice that least closely resembles your own choice of actions and do *that*. See what happens. If it isn’t good, solicit the next person until you find something that *does*. However, make sure you don’t keep repeating the same steps over and over expecting things to miraculously change. God doesn’t sit in heaven, waiting to change the laws of physics. Nor does your bank broker or your agent or your boss sit there, twiddling their thumbs waiting to change the entire system for you.

Be fluid. Roll with the punches. Let bygones be bygones and don’t hold grudges. Don’t hold on to the last time someone came after you or screwed you over and don’t let that interfere with your new relationships. Each day should be a clean emotional slate, free of the bonds and bondages of previous days. After all, I can promise you that today will have it’s own heaping pile of horse shit to deal with.