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A brief bit of brevity.

A brief bit of brevity.

It always freaks me out when friends of mine and I have that weird moment of psychic connection. You know those moments where a friend tells you they were thinking about you at such-and-such a time and you realize that is exactly when you were thinking about *them*. That just happened to me and my friend Jen.

About two days ago, she had a weird dream that someone got struck by lightening. Ironically (or not), it was during a big storm. At or around the same time, I was walking into my house. I noted the strange weather and the live oak in my front yard. For some strange reason, I felt an urgency to run into the house and hide because — you guessed it — I had a fear that the tree was about to be struck by lightening. As if the Universe were playing some cruel trick to remind me of codependence, the tree didn’t get struck.

But the connection remains.

Just a bit of “things to make you go hmmmm…” before I tuck myself into bed tonight.