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Not seeing in a seeing world…

Not seeing in a seeing world…

We take a lot of little things for granted in life. Toilets that flush and a McDonalds on every other corner aside, what about the really important things that go neglected throughout our daily lives. Forget for a moment the person you wake up next to every night or the car in the garage. Start your day *before* that. You’re barely conscious, lying in the warm embrace of a matress and comforter, a pillow or two tucked under an arm. You yawn, stretch, roll over and there they are. Your eyes are lying on the nightstand, waiting to be hooked over your ears.

Tonight, on my way into the restaurant, I suddenly couldn’t see. I heard a pop, reached up and was just in time to catch my glasses as they tumbled from my face. Can you imagine what it is like to be virtually blind and navigating tables in a cramped room? Carrying food trays was quite the adventure. Luckily, tonight was slow and I ducked out early, rushing home to try and find my spare glasses. No luck yet.

The drive home was quite an adventure, let me assure. But broken glasses got me to thinking. We take a lot of things for granted. Maybe it’s someone you wake up next to every day for thirty years or the weekly phone call from your mother. Maybe it’s a friend who has feelings too. Sometimes, those things most important to you are the things you think the least about.

New Year’s Resolution #2: Make sure that I know what’s important to me and do what is necessary to make sure it doesn’t get bunged up.