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Alchemy and The Elements

Alchemy and The Elements

I’ve been blessed in my life to grow up amid a diverse group of friends and family. Spending ten years off and on in school also gave me the opportunity to become exposed to an equally-diverse number of cultures and religious beliefs.

Alchemy is one of them.

Let me state emphatically one thing: I am not an alchemist. I do not practice alchemy and have never attempted to. But I know alchemists. I have seen and witnessed things I cannot explain at the hands of these magi.

Yet speak to a true alchemist and they’ll tell you it’s subtle. It isn’t all “lead from gold” and “eternal life” quests. It’s about the manipulation of the world around them to acheive the desired results. Alot like what I do as a novelist.

Maybe I need to spend some time contemplating that before I re-embark on the journey that is a novel. Foundations lain cannot easily be altered after the building is standing.

Just something to think about.