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Politics sans spines.

Politics sans spines.

Or: Where the fuck are the balls in politics?

What happened to politicians? Seriously.

When Bill Clinton was running for president, he didn’t whine about all the women he had boned coming out and talking about his bad manners. No, he took it like a man!

I’m sorry, I cannot vote for a single person currently running for the highest office in the land. They are a bunch of whining pussies! Everyone is wronging them. And everyone must pay.

Take for example, the Democratic front runner, Hillary Rodham Clinton. She’s upset that she has a vagina and the other nine twits running against her have a penis. They are “piling on,” she claims. Take one look at Hillary Clinton and I can assure you those six men are NOT piling on anything. Thank you, Sen. Clinton, for that most disturbing mental picture though. (Guess all those rumors about Wellesley girls are true!)

Barack Obama is whining about a picture of him on the Internet as unfair. Unfair pictures on the internet? No! It can’t be. Say it isn’t so, Vanessa Hudgins!

And then there’s Rudy. The man running as the Family Values candidate. A man who has been married more times than the Sultan of Brunei. Claiming to be a family values candidate — and then complaining when someone dares to question his history of failed marriages. “Hiya, I’m gonna talk about how great a family man. Just don’t look at the pictures of my wife hanging on the wall and please kindly ignore that my wife hanging on my arm is different from the one hanging on the wall in the study…and the hall across from the bedroom…and the office in the campaign headquarters.”

How can Americans consider voting for these twits? I want a leader with balls. I want a leader willing to stand up and say “Yes, I’ve a spine. Get over it.”

Take your hits. You’re in politics. You want to be the leader of the free world? LEAD ALREADY and quit your fucking whining!