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My feet hurt…

My feet hurt…

Who would have known that a pair of Rockport could be uncomfortable! Nevermind that I was on my feet 11 hours, waiting on people who, for whatever reason, decided that this was the weekend they wanted Mexican food and stuff you can only get at Gap and JC Penney.

Why do people want to shop for Christmas, all at once? Wouldn’t it make more sense for shopping malls to *assign* a time to people when they could come and do all their shopping? Then there wouldn’t be a mad crush of people — literally mad and figuratively mad.

Of all the things I don’t understand about the Human Race, it’s a drive to rat-pack it to the mall and be herded around by a security guard on a powertrip with a stungun. Doesn’t it make more sense to say, shop at little boutiques and other places where they would actually *care* that you’re giving them business?

That’s the challenge this Christmas Season: Don’t go to the mall. Instead, find what you want at either a local store and pay the extra four percent (that’s the price differential these days), or worst-case, only go to free-standing chain stores. Avoid Mega-Super-Conglomo-Mall.

See you at the food court.