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The Wonderful World of Deadlines….

The Wonderful World of Deadlines….

I love deadlines — especially that glorious wooshing sound they make as they go flying by. Unfortunately, I missed the deadline on a paper I’m writing concerning sexuality in Romeo and Juliet, specifically the presentations of Juliet’s sexuality presented in the play by various characters. Ironic really, the concept of sexuality and deadlines are so similar.

Things have to start at a certain age to be finished by a certain age. It’s the same with projects. If you don’t *begin* a project in time, then the deadline will pass long before you have a chance to complete the project. I’m not sure how it’s going to work out — The R&J deadline, not my sexuality. (That’s done been and gone. I’m convinced I’m never getting laid again.)

Why deadlines? Don’t misunderstand me. I know why we have dates by which projects must be completed. But why do we call it a DEADline, as if the fear of not getting paid, not getting published, getting a bad grade isn’t enough to get our creative juices scared into flowing. No, we have to tack to the concept an appeal to the most basic of human emotions: fear of death.

Today, I’m going to protest. No longer will I suffer under the burden of fear. I will stand my ground against the deadline. Instead, I’ll call it a LIVEline. Instead of a point-of-no-return, it will be a date that — if you succeed in reaching your goal by it, you get to celebrate!

I invite you all to stand with me and fight the oppression of — hello, yes. OH! I ALMOST FORGOT IT’S THE FIRST!