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What’s really wrong with the world…

What’s really wrong with the world…

…As seen through eyes from inside the political arena.

So, there is this candidate. He is popular with the people, good looking, energetic, young, and a talented speaker. He has surrounded himself with a capable staff, a good advertising campaign, and an effective message. And he’s unpopular with certain elements that know they will be the target of his administration’s reforms. So what do they do?

They call the media outlet that is hosting the poll and make veiled threats concerning advertising dollars. After all, they are the powers that be. And then the poll comes out and the candidate who was previously doing well is polling behind two crack-heads because his name wasn’t mentioned in some of the questions and when it was, his party was mis-identified as Republican in a 93% democrat town.

This effectively would kill a candidacy, given that he would be the only major contender eliminated from the debates because of poor polling numbers. So what do you do?

Don’t ever go into politics, kids. It’s a bitch.

See you in another two weeks.

PS: I’m *not* the candidate in question, by the way.