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Category: On Writing


(What Would Ayn Do?) I’ve always heard people say negative things about Ayn Rand, the 20th Century writer and philosopher and, quite arguably, one of the most influential thinkers of the 20th Century America. Usually, the comments seem benign to the average listener. But to someone who grew up arguing about how to “properly parse…
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Confessions of a bibliophile.

Or: Why the hell isn’t there a Bookaholics Anonymous group? I have a secret. A dark, unspoken secret. I am an addict. My addiction is not to drugs. Cocaine will you not find in any blood panel. I enjoy a good drink, but I am not an alcoholic. I don’t even smoke very often. Yet,…
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NanoWriMo – A blogging vaycay

I’m taking th eMonth of November off for NanoWriMo. Please enjoy this as an alternative to my normal boring blogs: The Inevitable Life of Andrew Weid. Or, you can keep up with individual chapters below: Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 —and more to come— By all means, leave comments here. 🙂

Musings of a Recovering Journalist

Or: The Perils of Blogs as a Source of Fact. I very rarely post anything to this blog that isn’t a reflection of events in my life, those happenings that are a firsthand experience. As a recovering journalist, I try to avoid speculative posts and rumor-repeating on my blog. Call it a holdover from when…
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Is this what Journalists have become?

Like every red-blooded American male, I love sports. I love sports news almost as much as I love the actual watching of the sport. Golf is no exception, especially since it produced for us an American hero. Had he followed after President Barack Obama’s meteoric rise, we might well have referred to Tiger Woods as…
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Thanks, everyone!

Just wanted to say a quick word of thanks to all of the wonderful people who came out to Author! Author! Shreveport and especially to those who hung around for the late reading. I had a wonderful time and will be blogging more later, including uploading some pictures and what not from the event. As…
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Other People’s Drama

Once, while working as a marketing director for a non-profit, I decided I would one day write a one-hour T.V. program called “Other People’s Drama.” It would focus on the lives of a group of people who work in a volunteer organization and the way the drama of daily life can infect everything a group…
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